About Le Sac

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It was all about our European heritage and lifestyle that made Le Sac come about. Full of power and ambition we set forth to fill the void of travel and storage, which people have never realized was missing. For the European culture it was natural, and part of every household, and yet, when we came to the west we couldn’t find them. Weekend getaways, trips to the Laundromat, all got so hard

What is it that’s so great which we couldn’t live without or find a replacement??
The All new Super Le Sac Reusable Travel Bags!!! Yes, that’s it!! It’s the all type bag, which has no specific use. From storing past season clothing, extra bedding, miscellaneous household stuff, toys, to moving and transporting. And then for picnics, laundry, and shopping to list just a few more. Our travel bags are explicitly designed to last. They are made from heavy duty, special woven material.

And then, as we engaged in this project, we yearned to bring more functional bags to the market for you to take advantage of. Le Sac is proud to be the founder of innovative, convenient and stylish bags that make your everyday chores that simple and easy.

Pack it — fill it— use and reuse it— You will be glad you did!!!

BAGS: It’s what we do best

Le sac brings innovation, fashion, and convenience to your everyday chores. With you in mind, we create realities of which you have always longed for.

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